Thursday, September 14, 2006

Next Show! Sept. 24. 8:00 PM. The Walk of Shame!

This month's Storytime is going to be a classic. The theme says it all: The Walk of Shame! Maybe it's the morning after the best night of our lives? Maybe we just had too much fun!

One guarantee: You WILL have too much fun this Sunday, Sept. 24, 8:00 PM at the legendary MAGNET THEATER!

The four writers are: Lianne Stokes, BC Edwards, Rachael Mason and me, David Serchuk!

Here are some writer bios:

Lianne Stokes has been doing stand-up on the NY indie scene for five years. Known for her brashy, high-energy style she appreciates that "Dudes think she's funny." Most recently Lianne's had the pleasure to perform her show, "And, God Created The Woman." Oh! She's also got a blog. That said blog is often linked to by

B.C.Edwards feels ridiculous that he uses his initials as his pen-name, but there's not much he can do about it now. He is currently a producer for the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company, and has frequently been told that his nose is adorable.

David Serchuk is a reporter at Forbes, and a producer at Just this week he met The Donald. Hooray for him. He is proud to host Storytime, and loves to read at other shows like the Brutal Honesty series, Writers Working and the upcoming "Mama D's Art Bordello."


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